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Overview of each Department

 Global Research Group

  • Research and analysis on overseas info-communications, including fixed, mobile, and internet, especially on the following subject;
    1. nfo-communications policies
    2. info-communications market and service trends
    3. info-communications carrier trends

 Legal System Research Group

  • Research on domestic info-communication legislation, regulation, and communications policies

 Marketing Solution Research Group

  • Research and analysis on domestic info-communications, including fixed, mobile, and internet, especially on the following subjects;
    1. info-communications market and service trends
    2. info-communications carrier trends
  • IT, Network and other latest technology, elemental technology trends
  • Marketing research & analysis on macro economy info-communications market, quantitative research and demand forecast
  • Research and analysis on the conversion of communications and broadcasting
  • Research and analysis on issues and challenges the society faces along with Info-communications development
  • Research and analysis on marketing for various services and solutions for enterprise users
  • IT consultation for overseers business projects including ODA

 Global Research GroupManagement Research Group

  • Research on management techniques
  • Corporate management troubleshooting and consulting
  • Research on management organization & business accounting

 Social and Public System Research Group

  • Proposal and formulation of regional information technology plans
  • Research and consulting the development of electronic government
  • Research and consulting in public applications
  • Research on the relationship between information society and regional communities

 Knowledge Management Business Team

  • Knowledge Management Business Team
  • Planning and operations of periodic and continuous information service(knowledge management business) to
  • support the information sharing and the effective establishment of strategies

 Publishing & Information Center Team

  • Information dissemination through publishing books and papers and sales off publications
  • Operation o information centers and Internet centers

 Planning and General Affairs Group

  • Planning and General Affairs Section
  • Administrative Work
    • Customer service
    • Administrative work(business plans, personal affairs, general affairs, accounting, e.t.c.)
  • Public Relations
    Get publicity on InfoCom Research through PRs and seminar activities
  • Document Center
    Administration of InfoCom document center

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