Privacy policy

Along with the advancement of our sophisticated information-communications society, the usage of personal information is rapidly expanding. As a company conducting investigation and research and providing consulting services from multiple perspectives in the field of telecommunications, InfoCom Research, Inc. believes that it has a social responsibility to recognize the importance of personal information and manage such information properly.

InfoCom Research, Inc. has established the following code of conduct for employees and other personnel to observe to thoroughly ensure the proper handling of personal information, and endeavors to make this policy known to its employees and related personnel and protect personal information.

  1. Acquiring, using, and providing personal information
    1. We acquire personal information by legal and fair means after clarifying its purpose of use, and use the information within the scope of that purpose of use. We obtain prior consent from the person to whom the information pertains before using that information for any purpose outside of the purpose of use. We also take measures to prevent the information from being used for anything other than the stated purpose.
    2. We do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without prior consent from the person to whom the information pertains, except when doing so according to the proper procedures such as when mandated based on laws or regulations.
  2. Observing laws, regulations, and social norms

    In the handling of personal information, we observe laws applicable to the protection of personal information, guidelines defined by the Japanese government, and other social norms.

  3. Managing and protecting personal information

    We strive to protect personal information, managing it rigorously and taking measures to manage access to such information and prevent it from being accessed from the outside without authorization. We take the appropriate preventive and corrective measures to keep personal information from being leaked, lost, or damaged.

  4. Handling complaints and inquiries

    Our personal information contact point quickly handles requests for disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information from the person to whom the information pertains as well as any related complaints or inquiries the person might have.

  5. Continuous improvement of the personal information management system

    We make continuous improvements to our personal information protection management system in order to maintain the proper protection of personal information.

Enacted December 21, 2005
Last revision June 21, 2017
InfoCom Research, Inc.
Hiroshi Ohira
President/Representative Director

  • protecting your PRIVACY|10822231(07)
  • ANAB|bsi|ISMS-AC IS 725168 / ISO 27001

We have been issued the Privacy Mark (P Mark) recognizing us as a company that handles information properly, granted by the Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC).
We have also received international standard ISO 27001 certification for information security management systems (ISMS).