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A Wealth of Know-How in Reading the New IT Era

 Detailed Survey and Research Services on a Global Basis

In focused projects for our clients, gathering and assembling the latest information on info-communications in areas such as businesses, services, laws, regulations, tariffs and market trends in Japan and other countries. Using the marketing and analytical expertise we have accumulated in out long and extensive survey and research activities, we apply the appropriate statistical and analytical techniques to project changes in market structure and demand, and provide specific suggestions and strategic proposal.

 Strategic Consulting in the IT Field

Surveying and analyzing various trends on a comprehensive basis ミ including new technical developments growing out of the explosive growth of Internet-related business, the emergence of new EC modalities in B2B and B2C commerce, analyses of application contents, legislative moves towards privacy protection and other changes in the regulatory climate, and conducting research in economic and industrial trends.
The resulting know-how is utilized to provide consulting specifically aimed at establishing management strategies and developing new service in the IT era. We also help out clients develop marketing strategies by using out "EC Market Leader Indexes," a sophisticated Web-based questionnaire method that we have independently developed for these purposes.

 Planning Regional Informatization

Providing IT-based know-how for the promotion of high-quality applications in medical and welfare services, education/culture, and regional industries that rely on info-communications systems, We offer total support for there plans on a comprehensive basis from conceptualization to implementation ミ including, detailed surveys and research of the relevant communities, formulating IT plans, providing consulting on negotiations with related government agencies, and other requirements to ensure the success of each endeavor. At the same time, we are continuing our outgoing contributions to the improvement of regional information environments, including drafting IT plans for regional development and administrative streamlining, and establishing plans for the promotion of information-related industries.

 Consulting on the Development of Information Systems

Verifying information systems from the standpoints of economy, efficiency, scalability, reliability and security with the aim of developing even greater sophistication in information systems by incorporating the worldユs latest trends and technologies, and providing carefully tailored consulting based on out extensive know-how in global network applications. We also offer consulting in the vital areas of establishing policies and systems to provide Internet-based security ミ an area that is taking on greater urgency with the mushrooming growth in Internet activities.

 Advanced Information Distribution and Delivery Systems

Conducting basic research that focuses on the future of the entire info-communications industry by envisioning approaches and methodologies to fully comprehend the potential socio-economic impact of digitization from both macroscopic and microscopic viewpoints, and distributing information on there issues through seminars and forums. We were quick to conduct surveys and research concerning the impact that メBusiness Model patentsモ could have on corporate activities, and have been carefully following the increasingly important developments in this area. Our research on there broad issues is distributed through membership portal sites, seminars, and other venues.

 Information Services Concerning Various Fields

As one of out information services related to info-communications, maintaining a database that offers a variety of the latest information centered on marketing data, and systematically compiling, updating, analyzing and evaluating such data to provide both historic and current information. By continually augmenting our survey data on the latest worldwide trends in info-communications, we provide our clients with information that can be utilized for efficient marketing activities.

 Conducting Various Events/Editing and Issuing Publications

Holding various seminars, symposiums, and forums on a variety of themes requested by out clients with respect to both the challenges and problems in info-communications. We also provide comprehensive coordination from planning to implementation for various events relating to info-communications.
And by drawing on our expertise accumulated over a long period of time, preparing, editing and issuing publications relating to info-communications. In addition to providing Web-based information concerning overseas trends, we also engage in a broad range of publication activities, including the editing of PR magazines on a consignment basis for a member of companies.

a List of Publications

The following are Japanese Only

Press Releases

InfoCom Newsletter
Monthly Report about Japanese and Foreign telecommunications industries. It includes articles, visual or numerical data.

for more News/Reports

InfoCom Wireless & Personal Communications T&S
This is a membership service delivering global news and facts in wireless and personal communications market. We strongly belive our service contains valuable as well as essential information, and hope contributing to the development of the industry.

IQU: InfoCom Quick Updates
InfoCom Quick Updates is an information service via internet. It includes latest articles and data about domestic and overseas telecommunications.

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