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InfoCom Economic Study Discussion Paper(No.20)



「InfoCom Economic Study Discussion Paper」No.20を公開しました。


Global views on ICT-enabled business and its impact on the economy:
Development opportunities of digital transformation in beyond 5G era




This proceeding has been prepared as a keynote address at the International Forum being organized by the Taiwan Communication Society on November 18, 2021. The speech addresses two aspects of the digital economy, digital dividends and analog complements, and indicates the importance of human networks on top of ICT networks. The speech comprises three topics. First, it demonstrates the dynamic changes in the global community driven by the rapid spread of digital technology and its power to create earning opportunities for developing countries, that is, digital dividends. One typical case represents India, where ICT-enabled offshoring has been successful, with active cross-border movement of human resources. Second, it considers the importance of analog complements, that is, a wide range of institutional reforms that include education and training to improve the skills of human resources to achieve a prosperous digital economy. It also considers the critical role of global coordination led by major international frameworks, such as APEC + India, for a desired digital economy. Third, it shares the Japanese government’s ICT policy geared toward the 2030s, the “Beyond 5G Promotion Strategy,” as well as the basic principles and background of recent policies. These topics are selected to encourage insightful discussions among participants and to assist in reshaping a multilateral partnership toward a promising digital economy leveraged by ICT-enabled businesses.


[キーワード]Digital Economy, Digital Dividends, Analog Complements, Offshoring, Cross- border Human Network, APEC, Global Partnership, Beyond 5G


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